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Explore, Expand, Engage – Live a Life Less Ordinary

Join us at Balance to explore, expand and engage. our next meetings are on 1st March and 22nd March.

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Gong Baths at Balance Studio

Join Becky at Balance Studio in Newark for a relaxing gong bath session on Thursday 28th February or Thursday 21st March (at 7-8pm).


Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle 5 week course (starts 26th Feb)

Join Gail Hooley at Balance Studio in Newark for this 5 week Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle course to improve your health and wellbeing

Perfect Health 5 week course

7 Night Flourish Retreat at Villa Luiggi, Marine de Davia, Corsica

7 Night Flourish Retreat at Villa Luiggi, Marine de Davia, Corsica
Awakening Your Inner Self
28th September – 5th October 2019

Here are some of our past events

Pelvic Floor 4 week course

A healthy pelvic floor can prevent involuntary urination and help haemorrhoids and prolapse, so join us at Balance to improve or maintain your pelvic floor health.

Fabulous event with the talented Susan Hart. We moved, we meditated, we empowered ourselves through RTT (hypnosis), we ate delicious food. Nourishing our Mind, Body & Soul.

Myofascial Release

This session was a fab end to our Wellbeing Wednesday programme – we felt amazing afterwards.

Acupuncture and the Immune System

Great session with Hannah, very informative and enlightening

Standing Pilates

Great session with Pippa.  So much so, that we’ve decided to run a 4 week Standing Pilates course

Indian Head Massage

Brilliant Indian Head Massage session with Cheryl.  Only a few more Wellbeing Wednesday sessions left this year.

Mindful Movement and Meditation

We’re feeling very zen now!  Fab session full of peace, calm and tranquillity.

Facial Pilates

Great session with Cheryl – we learnt a quick and easy routine to do every day to keep us looking young and gorgeous 🙂

Five Element Acupuncture

A wonderful session with Hannah Charles of Southwell Acupuncture.  Looking forward to next month’s Wellbeing Wednesday (Facial Pilates with Cheryl).

Essential Oils

Great session with Sallyanne about the power of good quality essential oils

Creative Writing

Fiona shared some simple, practical ways to get started with creative writing.

Kitchen Herbalism

What a fun session with Jules learning how to prepare our own home remedies.

Homeopathy for Menopause

Fiona shared how to come through the menopause with a smile 🙂

Jumpstart Your Mindset

A brilliant morning with a fabulous group of women.  Here’s what one of our attendees thought:

Doing the mindset course has given me the confidence to seriously look at changing the way forward.

Coffee, Cake and Chat

We all had a fabulous time at our coffee morning, it was great to see everyone with their clothes on (!!), have time for a chat, eat lots of scrumptious cakes (some were even healthy)….. a fun time was had by all.


We try to run two of these events a year.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Ros explained how we could achieve happiness by applying three simple steps, and guided us on how to make these changes permanent via a relaxing, safe and powerful hypnotic process.