Our gut has a massive impact on our overall health and wellbeing because it provides the foundation of the body’s resources via nutrition. The digestive tract holds more than 1kg of bacteria, entirely necessary for proper digestion and nutrient absorption, supporting our immune system to protect us from illness and our endocrine system for so much more.

Many factors, such as food, medication, stress, anti-bacterial products and parasites, can disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria in our gut, resulting in IBS, yeast and urinary infections, food intolerances, weight gain and allergies.

This course will include a review of diet, lifestyle and individual issues personal to you.

The course is provided at Balance Studio by Jules Weldon, medical herbalist and member of NIMH.

Jules will assist you to prioritise changes including recipes, shopping and practical tips to facilitate better gut health. Supplements can be prescribed to address specific issues and a series of bioresonance treatments will help you start to recover your microbiome balance and work towards improved gut function, whole body nourishment and health.

For an investment of £380, you will have 6 private sessions over a 2 month period, including 5 bioresonance treatments and a closing report full of information to assist you on your healing journey.

If you attend the Fermenting Vegetables Workshops at Balance, you will receive a discount of £40 towards this course.

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