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You don’t spell love, you FEEL love

Love has been everywhere this week: Valentine’s cards and gifts in every shop window, love posts all over social media, it would be hard not to notice that love is all around.Funny thing love,...

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Do you keep pressing your PAUSE button?

Pressing your pause button means not taking action on something you’d like to do – why do we do this, and how can you un-pause? That was me a few years ago! I would see so many things I...

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Do you need New Glasses?

Whether you wear glasses or not, we have all been to the opticians and had our eyes tested, had lenses put in front of our eyes and asked whether we can see things clearer, brighter or no change. If...

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Your time is now 2019!

Happy, Happy New Year to all 🙂 New Year can be a funny old time for some of us.  We look back over the last year and perhaps we feel pleasure and maybe a sense of pride, and yet others feel so...

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