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Creativity – how you can create more

We are all aware that we live in a super-fast-paced world, things happen quickly and things are always changing, nothing ever really stays the same for long. So where does that leave us when we are...

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Why Wait, by Philippa Bottrill

After last week’s blog about our precious time, I wanted to share this poem with you. Why wait till the end to ask ourselves did we get what we want from this life of ours? did we find our joy and...

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Time Waits for No-one

Time is your most precious gift.   It really is.  I used to think it was health, now I realise if we don’t have time, even health is irrelevant to us.   It is poignant to me right now, as I’m sure...

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Stop playing it Safe!

“If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens!”Fay Weldon Sometimes in life we all get crazy ideas when we want to stop what we are doing, jump off the bus, get out of the rat race, not...

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I’m so grateful for all your support for my book. It’s made me realise that people are genuinely kind and loving, and we all want the same thing.

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Time and Attention

I’m sure you are all aware that my book is now out. I actually have a hard copy or two in my hand and I’m aware it is winging its way to many of you as I keep getting “It’s...

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