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A Life Less Ordinary

I bet you are wondering why I’ve included a photo of the flowers I received from my lovely hubby for my birthday?Well, these flowers were so unusual – such amazing colours, so bright,...

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Principles, Principles, Principles….

 Do you have Principles that guide you through your life journey? Most of us do have Principles, we just might not think about them much or even acknowledge them, but it’s really useful if you...

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Actions not Thoughts

We hear all the time how your thoughts create your life……it is everywhere at the moment, ‘change your thoughts, change your life’. Now, I totally agree with this, but of...

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Summer Love!

Wow, what a summer we have had so far this year, weeks and weeks of glorious sunshine and at times (dare I say it) even a little too hot and muggy! As you know, we close for 3 full weeks over the...

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Balance update – changes in September

This post is all about some of the changes happening at Balance Studio in Newark when we return after the summer break. Balance Summer Closure Our last classes before the summer break are on...

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The Top 11 Truths about Hypnosis

How much do you know about hypnosis? Here are the top 11 truths about hypnosis – click on each image to enlarge it.  We hope these truths answer some questions you may have about...

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