Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Pilates by Philippa Ltd takes our responsibilities around protecting your data and personal information seriously. We have divided the information below into different sections so you can easily understand what you can expect from us.

We may need to update our data protection and privacy policy so we recommend that you bookmark this page and review it periodically. We will post on our Facebook and Twitter accounts when we have made significant changes.

Date Updated

18th January 2019

Cookies are small files placed on your computer when you view a website. We use them to improve your experience when you visit our site, e.g. by remembering items you have added to your shopping basket next time you visit us. We also use use Google Analytics to better understand our website’s performance and how we can improve it. The information collected is anonymous, you are not identified.

You can visit to learn more about how to control cookies on your device, but please be aware that our website and your experience of it may not function as we intended if you choose to disable cookies.

Your Personal Data
We will collect certain information about you when you make a booking with us. This is to ensure our Pilates sessions meet your needs, and it enables us to fulfil our obligations to the insurance companies who underwrite our activities and to comply with tax authority requirements. Read more about the data we collect and how we keep it safe below.
Your Enrolment form if you attend a class or one-to-one session regularly
We will ask you to complete an enrolment form if you sign up for a class or one-to-one session. As part of this form, we ask you for your personal details, including contact details (so that we can advise you of any changes to your session) and medical history.

We keep your completed forms in a locked filing cabinet at Balance Studio (that our Pilates teachers have access to if required). If you stop coming to a class, we will shred your form after 7 years (when our legal and financial responsibilities are discharged).

We do not record your medical information anywhere else, these details are only on the form you have completed.

Electronic Records if you attend a class or one-to-one regularly
We add your name, contact phone number, email address and how you pay us to a master Excel spreadsheet, and we use this information to produce a register for each class. This master spreadsheet is kept securely online. The registers are also kept securely online and are printed out for each class and kept in a folder at Balance Studio. We shred these registers at the end of each block of classes. Your class teacher has a copy of your contact details in case they need to get in touch with you to advise you of changes to your session, for example in the event of illness or bad weather.

We are obliged by our insurance companies to keep electronic copies of our registers for 7 years, after which we delete the files.

If you attend one of our taster sessions

If you attend a taster session, we will ask you to complete a registration form – this may either be a paper form at the studio, or an online submission that we will then print out to give to the class teacher.

The form includes basic information that we are required to collect as part of our insurance and we will need you to complete this before you can attend the class.

We keep these forms in a locked filing cabinet at Balance Studio.

We also produce a register for the class – this is shredded a month after the class.

We will shred your registration form after 12 months, and if you completed the registration form online, we will delete he information that is stored within our website after 12 months.

We do not record the medical information you have given us anywhere.

If you contact us via email or via our website
If you send us a message via our website, we will keep that message within our website for 12 months. Once you have submitted your message, we are emailed a copy, and we will keep that in our email system.
If you buy something from our online shop
Our shop is powered by WooCommerce with payments processed by PayPal. When you buy something from our site, you will need to provide your name, address, email address and phone number as part of the checkout process so that we can fulfil your order. We do not print these details off, they remain securely in our website.

If you are buying a place at a course, we will add your name and method of payment to a course register, and provide the course teacher with your contact details in case we need to contact you about changes to your course.

Marketing emails from us - our email newsletter
We use MailChimp, a marketing automation platform, to send a weekly newsletter, plus occasional emails with news, events coming up at Balance Studio and special offers.

When you complete your enrolment form or your taster session registration form, we will ask you if we can sign you up to our newsletter email list.  If you give consent to be added to our email newsletter list, we will add your name and email address to our MailChimp list. 

You can also be added to our mailing list by completing a subscribe form on our website or on Facebook, plus other websites where we may provide this form.

Every marketing email we send to you will include an unsubscribe link, and you can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any point.  We sometimes offer special ‘gifts’ on our website or on other online platforms as an incentive for signing up for our newsletter too, but you can immediately unsubscribe once you have received your ‘gift’.

You can ask us to delete you from our list.  When you unsubscribe from our newsletter, you will remain in our newsletter list but we will be unable to email you.  If you would like to be completely deleted from our list, you will need to re-subscribe, and then we can delete you.

Third Parties – who has access to your data?
Our teaching and support staff will need access to your personal information to enable Pilates by Philippa Ltd to offer our services.  Our teaching staff will need to see your medical history and emergency contacts.  Our administrative staff do not see this.

We have summarised the third party services on our website (you can read more about them in other sections):

  • Social media widgets – our website includes social media buttons such as Facebook ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons, a Twitter ‘Tweet’ button.
  • Payment processing services in our online shop – we use PayPal to manage these payments.
  • Monthly direct debit – you can pay for your classes/one-to-ones by making a transfer into our bank account, or you can set up a monthly direct debit via Go Cardless.  Your data remains within the Go Cardless system.
  • Tracking services – we use cookies on our website to ensure we give you the best experience.
  • Analytics Services – like a lot of websites, we use Google Analytics to better understand our website’s performance and how we can improve it. The information collected is anonymous, you are not identified.
How to contact us, including copies of your data and being forgotten
If you are not happy with how Pilates by Philippa Ltd processes your data, or would like further information, please contact Philippa.

You can also contact Philippa to request a copy of the data that we hold on you, and to ask to be removed from our records.  Please note however, that we may need to keep some of your data in order to comply with our legal, insurance and tax obligations.

Who is the Data Controller?
Your data is controlled by Philippa Bottrill, owner of Pilates by Philippa Ltd.
Terms & Conditions

Click here to read the terms and conditions that were included in your welcome pack when you signed up for a class or one-to-one session.

This is a pdf and you will need a viewer to access it (for example Acrobat Reader)