Discover this wonderful health-giving drink and learn how to make it

We are suddenly hearing more and more about gut health and the importance of the microbiome inside and on us. Kombucha is just one of the rather expensive ‘new’ offerings in our supermarkets and trendy cafes.  It is fermented from tea and is actually fairly easy to make at home.   Not only delicious, but with a fabulous and positive impact on our microbiome and digestion.

Jules Weldon, medical herbalist and passionate convert to ‘all things fermented’, is coming back to Balance to share with us her enthusiasm and knowledge of Kombucha for this workshop.  

We will taste her home-made kombucha and several flavoured versions before watching Jules put together the ingredients that ferment together to make this delicious drink.  She will explain what a SCOBY is and how to look after it.  She will talk us through the steps of brewing and how we can work with flavourings.  How to store it and get creative with our left overs.

Everyone will leave the workshop with their own starter SCOBY, full instructions and further recipes to begin our own brewing adventures at home.

No experience is necessary, you won’t need much equipment (a kilner jar) and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t come to our other fermenting workshops.

To come along to the workshop on Friday 8th November 10-11am, speak to me at the studio or book your place online.

Jules is offering a £40 discount to anyone who signs up on her Gut Health Individual Course AND attends this or the other fermenting workshops.  Further information about the gut health course is  here.