Gong Bath on 20th June


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Join Becky at Balance Studio for a relaxing gong bath session on Thursday 20th June, 7-8pm

Join us to celebrate the summer solstice with an incredibly magical evening of sacred sound and community. Combining sound, vibration and resonance from powerful gongs and shamanic instruments, we will be bathed in therapeutic sound and tone as we honour the Solstice, and our own interior journeys.
Many of us are feeling a need for some self-care, healing and community, so joining together at this important point in the year’s cycle when we have the longest day is a way to recognise and serve this ancient need for connection.
Sound therapy is known to be beneficial in so many ways, including altering and enhancing moods, helping anxiety, improving sleep, helping release negative energy and creating feelings of deep relaxation and peace.

Here’s what a previous attendee at one of Becky’s sessions thought:

“Wonderful, my first gong bath I felt so relaxed and healed.  I will be back for more next year. Thank you”

There is no movement in this session – we will be lying down for the duration of the gong bath and bathed in supersonic sound, so please see the ‘what to bring’ information below.  Should you require to be seated for the gong bath, this is no problem, but please email in advance so we can make arrangements to accommodate you and ensure your comfort.

Everyone is welcome at a gong bath, however, due to the powerful nature of the vibrations, it is recommended that gongs are avoided for some people.

This session is not suitable for you if:

  • you are pregnant
  • you have recently had an operation with metal insertions (plates/screws)
  • you have epilepsy
  • you are particularly sensitive to sound (tinnitus/meniere’s)
  • you have severe osteoporosis,
  • you have severe mental illness or
  • if you have a pacemaker.

What to bring with you:

  • Please bring a cushion/pillow and a blanket to cover you.
  • You may also like to bring a second blanket that you can roll up under the knees like a bolster to take the weight off the lower back.
  • We have mats at the studio that you can use, but if you have a yoga mat, we’d recommend bringing that for extra comfort.

Each session costs £15.  Please contact Becky if you have specific concerns prior to the gong bath at [email protected]

Please note that we require a minimum of 6 people to run a Pilates by Philippa Ltd group course and therefore we reserve the right to cancel a Pilates by Philippa Ltd group course prior to the start date advertised should we not have sufficient uptake. In the event that we do cancel a course, you will be refunded in full.

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